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Utah Taxpayers Association Takes Positions on November Bond Proposals

Each year, your Utah Taxpayers Association reviews all of the various bond proposals floated by taxing entities around the state. Passage of General Obligation bonds can significantly affect property taxes within the entities proposing the bonds for typically 15 to 20 years.  Bonding is an appropriate way to finance capital projects for essential public facilities […]

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Tax Task Force Examined Increasing the Gas Tax, Road Usage Charge, and Earmarks for Transportation as it Closes in on Recommendations

As the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force moves toward the finishing line of recommending what Utah’s tax reform should look like, in September, they took a deep dive into Utah’s transportation budget and how it is funded.  With $1.74 billion appropriated in FY 2020 to statewide transportation, it’s important to understand how roads and […]

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My Corner: Utah’s Ugly Little Secret about Public Education Funding

Last month in this column I wrote in some detail about why Utah’s 51st ranking in K-12 school spending per student is a flawed metric.  I explained that one of the reasons Utah’s education lobby continues to repeat the misleading 51st ranking is to ensure the public and policymakers aren’t focused on Utah’s ugly little […]

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Utah’s Property Tax Truth-In-Taxation Law Is Threatened At Home While It Becomes A Model For Other States

Utah’s Truth-in-Taxation (TnT) law has been a shining example for the nation, and has saved Utah taxpayers billions in property taxes since it was enacted in 1985. Since its passage, Utah taxpayers have been protected against rampant and runaway property taxes resulting from government overspending while other states continue to crank their property tax burden […]

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My Corner: Utah’s 51st Rank in Spending Per Student – A Flawed Metric

In recent years many Utah legislators have reported on their experience at national conventions when a speaker asks whose state spends less per student on public education than any other. Legislators representing several states claim theirs is the lowest. Sometimes arguments ensue between legislators representing Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, and even […]

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Tax Task Force Begins Weighing Options, Including Reducing the Income Tax

After eight town halls across Utah, the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force began to weigh its options in August. Your Taxpayers Association attended seven of those town halls and is participating in all remaining Task Force meetings.  In its August 19 public meeting  it was obvious Task Force members were taking their work very […]

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