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June 2019 Newsletter May 2019 Newsletter April 2019 Newsletter February 2019 Newsletter– Cutting the Income Tax Rate – The Right Thing to Do – My Corner: Should the Legislature End the Double Taxation on Personal Property for all Taxpayers? – 2019 Legislative Watchlist: What, How, and Where to Watch Tax-Related Bills – Utah State Tax Commission Agrees to Work with Your Taxpayers Association to Re-examine Penalties for Failure to Collect Sales Taxes – Over 120 Attendees Help Make 2019 Legislative Outlook Conference a Success – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in JanuaryJanuary 2019 Newsletter– Following 2018 Successes, Utah 2.0 Moves into the Next Phase – My Corner: Will the Legislature Allow Automatic Property Tax Increases? – Expanding the Sales Tax Base: Whose Ox Gets Gored? – Cannon’s Canon: Recession Coming? Always Listen to Jonathan Ball and Bond Insiders – Your Association Accomplishments in December December 2018 Newsletter -November Ballot Packed with Tax Issues, Yields Mixed Results – My Corner: Governor and Legislature Prove Once Again Why Utah is the Best Manager State – Utah Legislature To Be Filled with New Members, New Makeups of Revenue and Taxation Committees in 2019 – Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Sends Message that Taxes Ought to be Cut in 2019 – Utah Taxpayers Association Elects New Board of Directors, Officers for 2019 – Your Association Accomplishments in November November 2018 Newsletter – Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Discusses Family Impact of Federal Tax Reform – My Corner: The Power to Tax Involves the Power to Destroy: Utah State Tax Commission – Recent Report Proposes Improvements to Tax Commission in Collection of Delinquent Income Taxes – Utah Taxpayers Association Announces Selection of New Vice President – The Utah Senate Confirms New Tax Commissioner Lawrence Walters, Started His Term November 1, 2018 – Your Association Accomplishments in October October 2018 Newsletter – New Annual Report Discloses Per Student Charter School Funding – My Corner: First Annual Report on Utah’s Charter Schools – Commissioner Pero Set to Retire from the Utah State Tax Commission – November Ballot Will Ask Multiple Tax Questions – Your Taxpayers Association’s Position on Ballot Issues – Utah Scores in Top-10 Ranking in the Latest Business Climate Report from Tax Foundation – Your Association Accomplishments in September September 2018 Newsletter – Redevelopment Agencies Take $171 Million from Local Governments, 53% of that from School Districts – My Corner: Citizens have a Right to Transparent Government – Revenue and Taxation Committee Discusses Future Tax Cuts – Guest Commentary: A Vote for Proposition 3 – Medicaid Expansion – Will Bring Unexpected Costs to Utahns – Per Pupil Spending Disparity Continues to Grow, According to Utah Taxpayers Association’s School Spending Report – Your Association Accomplishments in August August 2018 Newsletter – July Special Session Ensures Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption, Collection of Remote Sales Taxes – My Corner: The Legislature Must Keep its Promise to Cut Taxes in Proportion to Remote Sales Tax Revenues – How to Appeal the County’s Valuation of Your Property – Utah’s Sales Taxes on Soda, Candy, and Groceries are Complicated – Your Association Accomplishments in July July 2018 Newsletter – Legislative Committee Supports NOL Changes, Discusses Corporate Income Tax – My Corner: Why So Many Elected Officials Oppose Transparency and Equity – Court Dismisses Counties’ Case Against Centrally-Assessed Taxpayers – Supreme Court Gives Local Retailers Victory, Benefitting Utah Businesses and Families – Average Utah Residents Pays $611 to City Government – Property Tax Valuation Protected – Your Association Accomplishments in June June 2018 Newsletter – Potential Summer Special Session to Focus on Adjusting toFederal Tax Reform – My Corner: 26 Years of Six Taxpayer Hereos – New Report Shows that 29 of Utah’s Top 50 Cities Have an Employee that Makes a Higher Salary than the Governor – Federal Tax Reform and Options for State Adjustments the Focus for 40th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference – Association Releases Annual Guide to State and Local Taxes. – Your Association Accomplishments in May May 2018 Newsletter – Salt Lake County Tax Hike Proposal Ignores Taxpayers’ Voice – My Corner: The High Cost of Education Mediocrity – May Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Agenda – Americans Pay $5.2 Trillion in Taxes, Utah Fares Better than 35 Other States – 40th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference to Focus on Impacts and Needed Changes to State and Federal Tax Reform – Utah Ranks Best for Economic Outlook, According to Rich States Poor States – Your Association Accomplishments in April April 2018 Newsletter – Tax Hikes, Tax Cuts, and Everything in Between at the 2018 Legislative Session – My Corner: My Decision to not Run for Re-election to the Utah Senate – Online Sales Tax Debate to be Heard at the Supreme Court – 2018 Legislative Scorecard Released, Shows a More Taxpayer Friendly Session than 2017 – Save the Date: Utah Taxes Now Conference Held on May 22, 2018! – Your Association Accomplishments in March March 2018 Newsletter – Utah Ranks 3rd Highest in the Nation for Its Education System, and Best for Fiscal Stability – My Corner: Truth-in-Bonding Legislation is a Win for All Taxpayers, Preventing Unapproved Debt – Will the Utah Legislature Raise Your Taxes in 2018? – Report: Utah Sales Taxes Rank 29th Nationally, and 4th Among Neighboring States – Your Association Accomplishments in February February 2018 Newsletter – Utah’s Teacher Pay Ranks Middle of the Pack Nationwide, is Second Highest in Region – My Corner: Federal Tax Reform Paves the Way for Meaningful, Beneficial State Tax Reform – Controversial Tax Hikes are the Talk of the First Weeks of the 2018 Legislative Session – Google Fiber Fallout Should be a Warning to Cities Looking at Municipal-owned Fiber Systems – Association Accomplishments in January January 2018 Newsletter – Herbert’s Proposed FY 2019 Budget Echoes Sound Tenets of Tax Policy – My Corner: Legislative Outlook Conference to Preview State Legislature’s Efforts of Tax Reform, and What Federal Reform Means for Utah – Utah’s State and Local Government Tax and Fee Burden Falls Below the National Median – Association Accomplishments in December December 2017 Newsletter – Momentum Gains on Tax Reform at the Federal and State Levels – My Corner: Pro Soccer Stadium Deal Undermines Counties “Taxpayer Watchdog” Claims – Guest Commentary: The Case for Utah’s Tax Reform – Protecting Utah’s Economic and Business Competitive Edge for the Next Decade – Utah Taxpayers Association Elects New Board of Directors Chairman, Other Changes to the Executive Committee – Taxpayers Cough Up $926 Annually to County Government – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in November November 2017 Newsletter – House GOP Unveils Federal Tax Reform Plan – My Corner: The Risk of Thinking Utah is “Doing Well Enough” Undermines the Need for Tax Reform – Taxpayer-Funded UTOPIA Approves Additional Funding – Guest Commentary: Redesigning Utah’s Higher Education to Meet Workforce Needs – Utah Remains in Top Ten for Tax-Friendly Business Climate – Association Accomplishments in October October 2017 Newsletter – Legislative Committee Works Towards Tax Reform Package – My Corner: Utah’s School Districts Should Focus on Best Value Construction, Costing Taxpayers Less – Guest Commentary: Moving Forward on U.S. Tax Reform – Tax Review Commission Examining Utah’s Three-Legged Tax Stool – Lawmakers Considering Elimination of Sales Tax on Food – Association Accomplishments in September September 2017 Newsletter – User Fees, Not General Sales Taxes, Should Fund State Highways – My Corner: Working Across Factional Lines to Get the People’s Work Done – Op-Ed: Stop Investing Taxpayer Dollars on a Failed Project – Five School Districts Seeking Voter-Approved Bonds This Fall – Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Discusses Eliminating Manufacturing Sales Tax Penalty, Reducing Corporate Income Taxes – Difference Between Highest and Lowest per Pupil Spending is Greater than $13,000, New Report Shows – Association Accomplishments in August August 2017 Newsletter – Property Value too High? Appeal the County’s Valuation – My Corner: On the Brink of Tax Increases for Education, School Boards Need to Look at Alternatives – 2017 Truth in Taxation Hearings – Guest Op-Ed: All Taxpayers Should Be Treated Equal – $578 of Average Utahn’s Income Goes to City Government – Sen. Orrin Hatch Should Support Trump Tax Cuts – Association Accomplishments in July July 2017 Newsletter – New Audit Finds Special Districts Repeatedly Violate State Laws, Urges Legislative Action – My Corner: Counties Declare War Against Business Property Taxpayers – Enterprise Fund Transfers: A Taxpayers Association Policy Brief – Truth-in-Taxation Hearings – Corporate Income Tax Reform Tops June Legislative Meetings – Your Association Accomplishments in June June 2017 Newsletter – Academic Study Says Municipal-Owned Fiber Networks, like UTOPIA, are Risky Business for Taxpayers – My Corner: The High Cost of Educational Mediocrity – May Interim Meetings Restart Tax Reform Discussion – Attendees Get the Insider’s Look at State and Federal Tax Reform Efforts – Association Nets Major Victory for Taxpayers Information Protection – Taxpayers Association Releases Annual Fast Tax Booklet – Your Association Accomplishments in May May 2017 Newsletter – Utah’s Capital City Looks at Creating Fee for Transportation – My Corner: State and Federal Tax Reforms Will Boost Prosperity – Don’t Miss Utah Taxes Now Conference – Complying with Taxes Cost $263 Billion, Says Report – Guest Commentary: Tax Reform is Key to Utah’s Future Success – Trump Team Releases Sneak Peak of Tax Reform Package – Op-Ed: Transparency Efforts During the 2017 Legislative Session Bring More Light to Government – Utah Top State for in Economic Climate National Ranking for 10 Straight Years – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in April April 2017 Newsletter – If Congress Acts, What Will Federal Tax Reform Look Like? – My Corner: Employed by Utah’s Tax Watchdog for 40 Years – 2017 General Session: A Mixed Bag with Tax Increases, Progress on Utah 2.0, and Taxpayer Transparency – 2017 Legislative Scorecard Released, 34 of 104 Earned “Friend of the Taxpayer” Award – Utah’s Income Tax Rate Ranks Second Highest Among Neighboring States – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in March March 2017 Newsletter – Efforts Towards Major Tax Reforms in Utah Stalls, Work to Continue Throughout the Year – My Corner: Appropriate Bonding Respects Taxpayers – Guest Commentary: More Bonding Transparency – Late Tax-Related Legislation Drafted, Other Bills Progress During 2017 Session – Transparency-in-Taxation Bills Move Forward During the 2017 Legislative Session – Utah Taxpayers Association Policy Brief: 911 Fees – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments in February February 2017 Newsletter – Cities Escaping Truth-in-Taxation Process through Excess Utility Fees – My Corner: Increasing the Income Tax is Risky Business, Other Options Should be Considered – Transparency for Taxpayers Among Key Issues Association Working Towards During 2017 Session – Utah’s Tax and Fee Burden Decreases, Taxes Remain Below the National Average – 2017 Legislative Outlook Conference Previews Top Issues from Key Policymakers January 2017 Newsletter – Economic Viability, Transparency Key Issues as 2017 Session Set to Begin – My Corner: The Dangers of Increasing Utah’s Income Taxes – Guest Commentary: The Cost of Yesterday’s Pension Promises to Public Education – Herbert’s Latest Budget Proposal Includes Review of Tax System – 2017 Legislative Outlook Conference Previews Proposed Tax Increase – Your Association Accomplishments in December December 2016 Newsletter – Utahns Voluntarily Contribute just $8,803 in 2014 to Public Education – My Corner: Ballot Question for $750 Million income Tax Increase for Public Education Will Fail, Create Lasting Ill-Will – Taxpayers Win on the November Ballot on Schools, Parks, Elected Officials – Forbes Magazine Ranks Utah as the Top State for Business – Changes to Solar Tax Credits, Continued Push on Utah 2.0 Make Progress Heading into 2017 General Session – Board of Directors Elected an Annual Member Meeting – Officials in Weber County Approve Property Tax Increase – Your Association Accomplishments in November November 2016 Newsletter – Improving Utah’s Business Climate Through Utah 2.0: More Progress to be Made in 2017 – My Corner: It’s Time to End Government Agency Entitlements – Taxpayers Association Endorses Pleasant Grove Public Safety Bond – Truth-in-Taxation Hearings for 9 of Utah’s 29 Counties – Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Looking at Amending Utah’s Greenbelt Law – Utah’s Tax Watchdog Meets with Other Watchdogs at Vegas Conferences – Utah Taxpayers Deserve Confidentiality Throughout the Entire Property Valuation Appeals Process – Your Taxpayers Association Accomplishments During October October 2016 Newsletter – Understanding Bonding Principles: Impacts and Uses – My Corner: Are Increased County Appeals in Centrally Assessed Cases a Concern? – Op-Ed: The ‘Cost of Cool’ – Tax Increment Financing, Education Equalization Tops Tax Issues During September Interim Meetings – Guest Op-Ed: If Water Price Reflected Its True Cost, Utahns Would Conserve More – An Explanation of Constitutional Amendment C and Leased Property Tax Exemptions – Association Accomplishments in September September 2016 Newsletter – Redevelopment Agencies Colelct more than $166 Million Annually, 53% from School Districts – My Corner: Don’t Let a Famous Company Dazzle Us into a Bad Deal – Tax Review Commission Hits Pause on Single Sales Factor Apportionment – Average Annual Teacher Compensation Exceeds $100,000 in One School District – Utah Cities Named Best Places to Start A Business – Association Accomplishments in August August 2016 Newsletter – Taxpayers Association Wins Free Speech Lawsuit Regarding HB 43 – My Corner: Something Smells in Utah’s Special Service Districts – Expanding the Elimination of Sales Tax for Inputs in July’s Special Session, and Other Items – Appealing the County’s Valuation of your Property – Association Releases Annual Cost of City Government Report – Association Hired New Executive Assistant – Association Accomplishments in July July 2016 Newsletter – 19 Cities, 9 School Districts, 3 Special Service Districts Increasing Taxes – My Corner: Cities Grasp at Straws Through Utility Fees for Transportation – Local Building Authorities Circumvent the Will of the Voters – Taxpayers Association Testifies in Support of Single Sales Factor for All – Association Releases How Utah Compares Report – Association Accomplishments in June June 2016 Newsletter – Are My Property Taxes Going Up? – My Corner: State School Board Elections Crucial to Education Reform – Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Weigh In at 38th Annual Taxes Now Conference – Utah’s Rainy Day Fund – An Example to the Nation – Tax Review Commission Examines Expansion of Single Sales Factor – Association Accomplishments in May May 2016 Newsletter – Utah Tax Freedom Day: April 21st – My Corner: Restoring Funding through a Special Session a Better Option – ALEC Ranks Utah #1 Nationally for Economic Outlook – Candidates for Governor to Speak at Utah Taxes Now Conference — Tax Review Commission to Study Utah 2.0 Key Components – Elected Officials Tax Bootcamp Held Successfully – Association Accomplishments in April April 2016 Newsletter – Victories, Progress Made During the 2016 Legislative Session – My Corner: New Item on Property Tax Notice Does Not Impose New Taxes – Legislative Scorecard Released and “Friend of the Taxpayer” Recipients Named – Tax Day and Your Income Taxes: A Brief Description and Comparison – Save the Date! “Teed Off on Taxes” Golf Tournament and Taxes Now Conference Date Announced – Veiled Threat to Taxpayers Continues After Senate Rejects Removing Local Option Sales Tax – Association Accomplishments in March March 2016 Newsletter – HB 61 – Creating and Building a Stronger Business Climate for all Utahns – My Corner: Utah 2.0 Advances During the 2016 Legislative Session – Utah Taxpayers Association 2016 Watchlist – Guest Commentary: Reevaluating Salt Lake County’s Equestrian Center, by Salt Lake County Councilwoman Aimee Winder Newton – Save the Date! “Teed Off on Taxes” Golf Tournament Date Announced – The Debate Around Income Taxes Continues on Capitol Hill – Association Accomplishments in February February 2016 Newsletter – Utah 2.0 – Clearing the Hurdle of Sales Tax Inequity for Utah’s Manufacturers – My Corner: Will Utah Find a Solution to Remote Sales? – Utah Taxpayers Association 2016 Watchlist – Pre-Legislative Conference A Success, Featuring State and Local Leaders – 2016 Legislative Committee Meetings, Join Us Thursdays at 7am – Association Accomplishments in January January 2016 Newsletter – Utah 2.0 – Ensuring Utah’s Economic Viability – My Corner: The Keys to Prosperity – Board of Directors Elected at Annual Member Meeting – Salt Lake County Approves $9.4 Million Tax Increase – Utah Taxpayers Association Conference and Legislative Events – Association Accomplishments in December December 2015 Newsletter – Utahns to Pay More Taxes at the Pump Beginning in 2016 – My Corner: Utah’s Cell Phone Taxes Going Up as Cell Phone Bills Drop – Your Taxpayers Association is Suing the State to Protect Free Speech of Associations Speech – Salt Lake, Cache, Sevier counties on the Verge of Approving Property Tax Increases – Taxpayers Association Continues Headway on Single Sales Factor, Priorities into 2016 Legislative Session – Association Accomplishments in November November 2015 Newsletter – State General Fund Revenues Down Due to Sales, Severance Tax – My Corner: Governor Herbert Leaves State School Board Nominating Process in Question – A Brief Recap of Multiple Tax-Related Issues on this Year’s Ballot – Counties and Special Service Districts Statewide Hold Truth in Taxation Hearings Starting in November – Utah Tax Review Commission Nears Decisions on Sales Tax Earmarks – Charitable Giving by Individuals Affected as Officials Raise, Lower Taxes – Association Accomplishments in October October 2015 Newsletter – Multiple Tax-Related Ballot Questions on This Year’s Ballot – My Corner: Salt Lake County Mayor and Council to Break 20 Year Promise? – New Special Service District in Davis County Proposed by the South Davis Metro Fire Agency – Utah’s Tax Review Commission to Look at Other States’ Earmarking Practices – Association Accomplishments During September – Transportation and Mass Transit Sales Tax Referendum: Proposition 1 Pros and Cons September 2015 Newsletter – Taxpayers Win in Special Session with the Passage of Senate Bill 1001 – My Corner: Phase-in option appropriate for Single Sales Factor Legislation – Tax Hikes Approved by 30 Entities, Recap from Truth and Taxation Hearings – Taxing Manufacturing Inputs Hurts Utah’s Record as a Business-friendly State – Utah Taxpayers Association Welcomes New Research Analyst – Association Accomplishments During August
– Expanding Single Sales Factor Apportionment is Key to Utah’s Economic Growth
– My Corner: UTOPIA Network Digging Deeper Into Debt
– Truth-in-Taxation: The 5 Worst Proposed Property Tax Hikes of 2015
– Appealing the County’s Valuation of Your Property: How to get Comparable Sales Data
– Salt Lake County Backs Off Harmful Tax Appeal Rules, Utah Taxpayers Association leads fight against unfair rule changes
– 2015 Cost of City Governments Report Released
– Increased Highway Funding Essential: Let’s Choose the Right Tool
– Complete 2015 School Spending Report Released
– Association Accomplishments During July
– Rethinking General Tax Subsidies for Funding Highways and Water
– My Corner: Salt Lake, Granite, Murray and Grand School Districts Proposing Misleading and Unjustifiable Property Tax Increases
– Which Local Taxing Entities Are Raising Property Taxes This Year?
– Congressman Chaffetz’s Sales Tax Equity Legislation Deserves Consideration
– Rebecca L. Rockwell Confirmed to the Utah State Tax Commission
– Utah State Tax Commission Announces New Reconciliation Requirements
– Bad Data Inhibits Utah Schools’ Accountability
– Association Accomplishments During June
– Counties Should Reject the Local Option Sales Tax for Roads
– My Corner: Why Utah’s Rank on Per Student Spending Is Just One Data Point – Not a Vice
– Are My Property Taxes Going Up This Fall? An Early Look at Truth in Taxation Hearings this August
– 37th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference Review
– R. Bruce Johnson Receives Lifetime Service Award
– Taxpayer Watchdog Award Presented to the Special Fraud Group of the Utah State Tax Commission
– Taxpayers Association Welcomes New Executive Assistant
– Association Accomplishments During May
– Utah County’s BRT Project: a Tax Increase or Financial Wizardry? – My Corner: What Is Needed to Keep Utah’s Economic Engine Humming? – Utah’s Economic Outlook Ranks #1 Nationally for Eighth Year in a Row – 2015 “School Spending Report” Released – A Day in the Life of a Regulated American Family – Utah Taxes Now Conference May 28th: Keynote Speaker Announced – Teed Off On Taxes Golf Tournament June 11th – Association Accomplishments During April – 2015 Utah Taxes Now Conference Tentative Agenda
April 2015 Newsletter
– Taxpayers To Pay More Following 2015 Legislative Session
– My Corner: Education Funding – Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
– Legislative Scorecard Released and “Friend of the Taxpayer” Award Recipients Named
– Legislative Wrap-Up and Taxpayer Wins
– Letter to the Governor: Veto SB 97
– Estimating the Fiscal Impact of Proposed Legislation
– Association Accomplishments During March
March 2015 Newsletter
– What Will Happen to Utah’s Gas Tax? A comparison of transportation funding bills
– My Corner: Tax Increases in a Surplus Year the Wrong Way to Go
– Healthy Utah 2.0 and the Taxpayer Perspective on Medicaid Expansion
– The 2015 Legislature’s Best and Worst Bills for Utah Taxpayers
– Legislative Watchlist: Priority Bills and Legislative Highlights
– Upcoming Association Events
– Association Accomplishments During February
February 2015 Newsletter
– Healthy Utah Inappropriately Deepens Utah’s Relationship with Obamacare
– My Corner: Truth-in-Taxation for the Motor Fuel Tax
– Utah Must Continue Tax Reform or Risk Losing Its Tax Advantage to Other States
– Association Hosts Successful Conferences
– Cost of County Governments Report Released
– Macquarie Releases UTOPIA Milestone Two Report
– Utah Taxpayers Association Legislative Watchlist: Priority Bills and Legislative Highlights
– Association Accomplishments During January
January 2015 Newsletter
– Utah Should Wait on Medicaid Expansion Until the Supreme Court Makes Upcoming Obamacare Ruling
– My Corner: Is Prison Relocation Good for Taxpayers?
– Upcoming 2015 Legislative Priorities
– Federal Communications Commission Moving Forward With a $1.5 Billion Tax Hike
– Report Card on American Education
– FY 2012 How Utah Compares Report Released
– Upcoming Association Events
– Association Accomplishments During December
2014 Newsletters
– Tax Commission Must Put a Stop to Nuisance Personal Property Audits
– My Corner: Ballot Language to Blame for Amendment A Failure
– December Truth in Taxation Hearings Line-Up
– Mike Edmonds Named Chair of the Utah Taxpayers Association
– Utah’s Tax Climate Ranked 9th Best Nationally
– $585 Million Income Tax Hike on the Horizon?
– Alpine School Board Members Choose Corporate Welfare over Funding Kids Education
– Upcoming 2015 Association Events
– Association Accomplishments During November
– User Fees the Solution to Utah’s Transportation Needs
– My Corner: Taxpayer Subsidized Mega Hotel Nets Only One Bid
– Utah’s Wireless Taxes Top Neighboring States and Rank 12th Highest in the Nation
– December Truth in Taxation Hearings
– Will Businesses Be Paying Taxes on Income They Haven’t Yet Received?
– Association Activities During October
– Taxpayers Association Welcomes New Vice President
– My Corner: Orem’s CDA Would Take $44 Million from Alpine School District
– Guest Commentary (Paul Clayson): Municipal Tax Distribution System Creates the Wrong Incentives
– Taxpayers Association Endorses Pleasant Grove General Obligation Bond for Public Safety Building
– Guest Commentary (Gordon Jones): ZAP Robs the Poor to Feed the Rich
– Guest Commentary (Senator Mike Lee): Tax Reform for the American Dream
September 2014 Newsletter 
– Tax-Related November Ballot Questions
– My Corner: Royce Van Tassell Leaving Taxpayers Association
– Truth in Taxation Wins and Losses
– Letter Protests West Point City’s Annual Tax Hikes
– Uncertain Future for $1.8 Billion uNOpia Tax
– Taxpayers Association Working to Resolve “New Growth” and Centrally Assessed Appeals
– New State Auditor Report: Utah Legislature needs to better define “new growth”
– My Corner: It’s Time for Utah to End K-12 Teacher Tenure
– Truth in Taxation: The 5 Worst Proposed Property Tax Hikes of 2014
– Vote YES on Amendment A
– Guest Commentary: Corporate Inversions: A Symptom of Our Broken Tax Code
– New Report from The Center for American Progress: “Return on Educational Investment: 2014”
-“uNOpia” Campaign Update -My Corner: American Exceptionalism -25 Property Tax Hikes Proposed Across the State -Association Hires New Research Analyst
-3rd Party Economic Report: UTOPIA Deal BAD for Taxpayers -My Corner: It’s Time to Say uNOpia to UTOPIA -36th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference a Success -Guest Commentary:Preventing Assessment Areas From Being an End Run Around TnT -Guest Commentary: Utah’s Broadband Non-Adopters
May 2014 Newsletter
-Macquarie deal could push cost of UTOPIA network past $2 billion
-My Corner: Raising state income tax fails to bring promised results
-Utah Taxpayers Legal Foundation fights unfair sales tax
-Mia Love and Doug Owens on stage together: 2014 Utah Taxes Now Conference Preview
April 2014 Newsletter
-SLC Golf System Headed for Financial “Death Spiral”? -My Corner: Utah’s Election Nominating Processes Best in Nation: We should keep them -Taxpayers Association Releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard -Utah Tax Freedom Day is April 17th; Utah Ranks 28th on Annual State -Local Tax Burden Report -2014 Legislative Session was a Success for Utah Taxpayers
March 2014 Newsletter
-Legislature Eyes $100 Million Property Tax Hike: House Likely to Say No -With One Week Left in Legislative Session: Tax Bills Move Through Legislature -My Corner: Update on Potential Macquarie Capital & Utopia Deal -Prospects to Defeat Tax-Subsidized Convention Center Hotel Look Grim -2014 Legislative Watch List Priorities
February 2014 Newsletter -The USTAR Audit: A Follow Up – My Corner: What will the 2014 Legislature do with transportation funding -UTOPIA and Macquarie: The latest attempt at protecting UTOPIA taxpayers? – Obamacare’s Insurer Tax’s Impact on Utah – 2014 Legislative Watchlist January 2014 Newsletter – New Study Gives More Reasons to Oppose Tax Subsidies for a Convention Center Hotel – My Corner: Victory for Taxpayers – Macquarie Capital Offers to Turn UTOPIA Around – Emergency Department Visits Increase as Medicaid Expands – Utah Ranks in the Top Ten in the 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index – 2014 Legislative Watchlist – Half of All Taxpayers Pay Nearly All Federal Income Taxes 2013 Newsletters
– USTAR Audit: What Happens When Politics Get in the Way
– My Corner: An Innovative Alternative to School Bonds
– Will School Boards Take Instruction from Voters?
– Previewing the 2014 Legislative Session
– Recap of 2013 Bond Proposals
– Taxpayers Association Annual Membership Meeting: Board of Directors, Officers Named
– Change Needed to Empower Taxpayers Voice in County Property Taxes
– My Corner: What’s Right with Utah Public Education
– Tens of Thousands of Utah Students are Becoming Truly Bilingual
– Ending Hidden Property Tax Hikes: Strengthening Utah’s Truth in Taxation Protections
– Notice of Utah Taxpayers Association’s Annual Meeting
– The Tale of Two Districts: Association Endorses WSD bond and Opposes JSD bond
– Utah Counties and Cities Ask for an Additional 3% Local Option Gas Fee
– Association Urges No Votes on Jordan and Cache bonds, Remains Neutral on Logan Bond
– My Corner: Utah’s Growing Dependency Ratio Predicts Difficult Education Budgets Ahead
– 2013 How Utah Compares Report Preview
– Notice of Utah Taxpayers Association’s Annual Meeting
– Despite Urging from Taxpayers Association, Jordan School District Maintains Status Quo
– Utah Has the Highest Average Child Tax Credit Refund in US
– Orem’s Arts and Recreation Tax on the Ballot Again
– Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education: Utah Begins School Grading
-My Corner: Jordan School Board Must Reconsider its Status-quo Approach to Taxing for School Buildings
-Detroit: An Example of What Not to Do- by Former State Senator  Dan Liljenquist
-IRS Ruling on Same Sex marriage Tax Filing Answers Some Questions, Creates Others
– Tax Questions on the November Ballot -Quick Summary of Truth in Taxation Hearings
– It’s Time to Expand the Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption
– My Corner: Salt Lake county Mayor and Council Become Educators as County Tax Hike Kicks In
– Appealing the County’s Valuation of Your Property: How to get Comparable Sales Data
– Oregon’s VMT Program Now Open to the Public – 2013 Truth in Taxation Hearings
-Utah Can’t Rely on Federal Medicaid Promises
-My Corner: Charter School Competition Improves District Schools, but School Boards Build Lavish Buildings while Charters Economize
-Funding Source is Key for Utah’s Growing Transportation System
-Update on Bonds Considered in June
-Roughly One Third of Utah’s Expenditures Come from the Federal Government
– Utah takes Top Spot for Economic Competitiveness in the new Rich States, Poor States Report
– My Corner: Federal Government Abuses – When is Enough Enough?
– Guest Commentary: Michael Clara Wants to Explore All of the Options Before Raising Taxes
– Which Local Governments are Raising Taxes?
– 2013 Budgets, Taxes, Hearing Dates – Cities and School Districts
– 35th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference a Success
– Audit: Utah Retirements Systems Exaggerates Rate of Return
– My Corner: Tax Myths Debunked
– Should Utah Expand Medicaid Coverage?
– Tackling Transportation Funding by Cutting Utah’s Income Tax
– Market Place Fairness by Senator Wayne Harper – iProvo: A Requiem
– Tentative Utah Taxes Now Agenda
– Legislature Rejects Taxpayer Subsidies for a Convention Center Hotel
– Taxpayers Association Releases 2013 Legislative Scorecard
– My Corner: Utah Receives the Only “A” Grade on Digital Learning Now Report Card
– Taxpayers Association Successful in 2013 Legislative Session
– The STEM Action Center: Getting the Private Sector Involved in Their Future Workforce
– Utah Tax Freedom Day 2013: April 13
– Will Taxpayers Get Their Overpaid Property Taxes Back? – My Corner: Another Education Group, Same Result? – A Fiscal Discipline Reminder by Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union – Non-Teaching Staff Growth Dwarfs Student Growth in Utah – Taxpayers Association Priority Bills
February 2013 Newsletter – Be Honest About Charter School Funding – My Corner: The Limits on UTOPIA’s Next Steps – Taxpayers Association Part of Solution to Streamline Sales Tax Refund Procedure – Utah Not Alone in Transportation Funding Struggles – Taxpayers Association Priority Bills
January 2013 Newsletter – Association’s 2013 Legislative Agenda
– My Corner: Blended Learning 2.0 Paying Teachers as Other Professionals – Empowering Students as Self-Directed Learners – UPDATE: Court Rules Against Taxpayers in Restaurant Tax Case – Profiling Legislative Chairs: Senators Reid and Henderson – Guest Commentary by Paul Avelar: In Choosing Your Occupation, Let Freedom Ring – Upcoming Taxpayers Association Events
2012 Newsletters
December – Taxpayers Association Opposes Salt Lake County’s Proposed Property Tax Hike – My Corner: The Real Snake Oil Salesmen – Time to Take the Next Step in the Public Lands Battle by Senator-elect Deidre Henderson – What Does the Fiscal Cliff Mean for Utah Taxpayers? – Is Your County Government Raising Taxes? – Jim Hewlett Named Chair of Utah Taxpayers Association Board of Directors
November – Vote Against $47 Million Tax Hike – My Corner: Clipping the Power of State Teachers Unions – Guest Commentary: Vote for Amendment A by Rep. Jim Nielson and Jake Anderegg – Update on Taxpayer Association’s Restaurant Tax Lawsuit – Taxpayers Association Releases “How Utah Compares” Report – Public Education Employment Has Skyrocketed While Test Scores Remain Stagnant – Taxpayers Association Part of Working Group to Implement SB 27 – Dramatic Changes in San Juan County Leave Many Questions
October – Vote FOR Amendment A: An Amendment to Require Severance Taxes to be Deposited in the Permanent State Trust Fund – My Corner: Public Education Inflates Student Performance, Fails to Report 29 Areas of Transparency – Vote Against Salt Lake County’s $47 Million Prop 1 – Voters Push Tax Referenda in Highland, Orem and Summit County – Notice of Utah Taxpayers Association’s Annual Meeting – Reducing the Cost of Business by Removing Tangible Personal Property Taxes
September- Federal Court Upholds South Carolina’s Utah-inspired Constitutional Amendment – Utah Works to Minimize Effects of the Affordable Care Act by Rep. Jim Dunnigan – My Corner: Dragging Public Education Into the 21st Century, Kicking and Screaming – UTOPIA’s “new” Management Team Has Not Changed Poor Performance – States Hold Over $4 Trillion in Debt – Taxpayers Largely Ignored at 2012 Truth In Taxation Hearings – Five Tax Questions on the November Ballot – Utah Per Pupil Spending Increases in 2013, While Most States Cut
August – UTOPIA Audit Reveals Many Problems – My Corner: How to Stop the Medicaid Expansion Tax – Utah’s Authority to Collect Sales Tax on E-commerce by Rep. Wayne Harper – What is Utah’s Transportation Funding Prescription? – New Report Claims Pension Reform is Not Enough – 2012 Truth In Taxation Hearings July – Is Congress’ Taxing Power Now Unlimited? What You Need to Know About the Courts’ Decision on Obamacare – My Corner: Salt Lake County Takes Next Step Towards Publicly Funded Convention Center Hotel – Weber School District Illegally Spends Taxpayer Money to Promote Bond – Voters Reject 1 Bond, Approve 2 Others – Utah Has Mixed Results in New School Funding Report – The Trend Continues: Cigarette Tax Increase Drives Users to Neighboring States June – Finding Solutions to Transportation Woes – My Corner: Dynamic v. Static Fiscal Notes: Is There More to be Gained? – 34th Utah Taxes Now Conference a Success – Which Local Governments are Raising Taxes? -2012 Budget Hearings
 May – Closing a Loophole in Utah Sales Tax Law: Why the CO and IL Decisions Don’t Apply to HB 384 – My Corner: Finding Consensus to Fix the Restaurant Tax – 34th Utah Taxes Now Conference Agenda – A Penalty or a Tax? An Explanation of Obamacare by Deputy Attorney General John Swallow – Growth in Municipal Broadband Struggles to Reach Users – Taxpayers Foundation Event with John Stossel a Success – Register for the Teed Off on Taxes Golf Tournament
April – Utah Tax Freedom Day 2012: April 17 – My Corner: The Complexities of Financing Public Education, or Why Parental Choice is SO Important – New Report Highlights Problems with Muni-telecom – Alternative Energy Development Tax Incentive – Taxpayers Association Releases School Spending Report – Taxpayers Association Releases Legislative Report Card – Successful 2012 Session
March – Setting the Record Straight: Super PAC’s ads inaccurately describe record of 2-time “Taxpayer Advocate of the Year” Dan Liljenquist – My Corner: Obama Administration’s Push for More Taxes and Regulation Adding to Energy Woes – SB 27: Standing Up for Taxpayers Rights – Tax Foundation Report Show’s Utah Above Average – Taxpayers Association Priority Bills
February – Legislative Auditor is Critical of UTA – My Corner: The Politics of Sound Tax Policy – Tax Foundation Report Shows Where Utah Needs to Improve Its Tax Policy – Federal and State Courts Reject County Auditors Lawsuit: Will the Legislature Fix the Problem? – Taxpayers Association Priority Bills
January– How Addicted is Utah to “Federal Crack”? – Putting Children First in Education Reform – The Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy – Should Utah Run its Own Health Insurance Company? – Despite Expanded Network, UTOPIA Loses Customers
2011 Newsletters
December – Eliminate the Property Tax Subsidy for Water – My Corner: The Mayor Should be Salt Lake County’s Budget Officer – The Economic Impact of a Wilderness Designation – New Natural Gas Leases Net Utah $25 Million – Put Severance Taxes Where They Belong — In Permanent State Trust Fund – Upcoming Taxpayers Association Events
November – Taxpayers Association Opposes $21 Million Springville Rec Center Bond – My Corner: Creating an Environment for Creating – Just Tricks, No Treats, in Government Budgeting by US Senator Mike Lee – Utah State Senator Dan Liljenquist named 2011 Public Official of the Year – Not Sweet, Just Sour: Candy and Soda Excise Taxes Don’t Work – Utah Shows Mixed Results in New State Deficit Report
October – Keeping the Change: Utah Supreme Court Says NO to Tax Refund on Erroneously Paid Taxes – My Corner: Oliver Porter’s Sandy Springs Model, City of 90,000 Operates With 5 Employees – November Bond Elections: Oppose Springville, Neutral on Alpine School District – Provo Increases Utility Rates to Pay for iProvo Bonds – Legislative Auditor General Recommends Privatization of State Golf Courses – Provo City Should End Its Trash Hauling Monopoly – Taxpayers Association Opposes Holladay Hotel and Restaurant Subsidy
September – 2011 Truth In Taxation Hearings- Cities and School Districts Witness Overwhelming Opposition to Tax Increases -My Corner – Government Employee Union Power Challenged in Utah and Nation – Federalism As The Way Forward by Congressman Rob Bishop – North Ogden Picks “Taj Mahal” Proposal and Higher Interest Rates – Salt Lake County Can’t Fill Taxpayer Funded Hotel, But Pushes Forward With Project Anyway – South Salt Lake Modifies Bond Proposal to Heed Taxpayer Association Recommendations – Taxpayers Association Releases Latest School Spending Report – VIEW THE FULL REPORT HERE
August – The Least Bad Way Forward: iProvo and UTOPIA – My Corner: A Choice For Failing Public Schools – The Employee Rights Act- Protecting Democracy – Is Your Local Government Raising Taxes? Truth In Taxation Hearing Dates and Times – South Salt Lake Civic Center Bond: 30 Years Is Too Long For Taxpayers – US Debt Ceiling Debate: What the Experts Are Saying
July – Canyons, Ogden School Boards Making Fundamental Changes to Union Contracts – My Corner: More Money Does Not Equal Greater Achievement in Education – Guest Commentary by Congressman Jason Chaffetz: Reining in the National Labor Relations Board – Is Your Local Government Raising Taxes? 2011 Truth In Taxation Hearing Dates and Times – Sandy Saves Taxpayer Dollars With 5% Cut In Starting Salary of New Employees – Salt Lake County Council Tables $110 Million Parks and Recreation Bond – Enacting the “10 Golden Rules of Effective Taxation” – Millard School District $38 Million Bond Fails- Voter Turnout Half of November Elections
June – Successful 33rd Annual “Utah Taxes Now Conference” – My Corner: The Fight of Our Generation – 2011 Budgets, Taxes, Hearing Dates – Cities and School Districts – West Valley City Taxpayer Funded Hotel – Taxpayers Association Releases Cost of Local Government Report – Taxpayers Association Opposes Millard School District Bond – Teed Off On Taxes Golf Tournament – REGISTER TODAY!
May – UTOPIA’s Annual Budget Mocks the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act – My Corner: Education Is A Taxpayer Issue – 2011 “Utah Taxes Now” Tentative Conference Agenda – Millard School District Falls Into June Bond Election Trap- Bond Elections Should Be in November – Budget Hearings Scheduled for May-June – Obama Administration Threatening Right to Vote by Secret Ballot – Legislative Interim Session: Privatization Priorities – US Senator Mike Lee to Headline “Utah Taxes Now” Conference
April – Utah Tax Freedom Day 2011: April 11th – My Corner: Bringing Utah Education Into the 21st Century – Reverse the Geneva RDA – Larry Newton: Giving Awa $1 Billion in Property Taxes – Taxpayers Association Releases 2011 Legislative Scorecard – Taxpayers Association Successful in 2011 Legislative Session – Can You Hear Me Now? Utah 12th Highest Taxes On Cell Phones – Taxpayers Association Hires New Executive Assistant
March – Final Days of Utah’s Legislative Session – My Corner: Restoring The Sales Tax On Food – The Fighter Engine Made of Pork: Wasteful Government Spending – Energizing Federal Energy Policy
February – Utah’s 59th Legislative Session Begins – My Corner: Finding Consensus To Fix The Restaurant Tax – Stop Paying Union Reps With School Tax Dollars – Privatize Prisons: Same Service, Lower Cost
January – The Tyranny Of The Status Quo – Balancing Utah’s Budget: Vocabulary 101 – Stopping The Tax Hikes To Stop The Spending – Senator Dan Liljenquist: Medicaid Reform – Taxpayers Association Proposal: $100 Million In Budget Cuts – Police Fee and Restaurant Tax: Still Top Priorities – Senator Steve Urquhart: Mission Based Funding
2010 Newsletters
December 2010 Newsletter – Medicaid Reform: Now or Never – My Corner: Lame Duck Session- Extend Bush Tax Cuts – Property Taxes Are Utah’s Most Taxpayer Friendly Tax – Eliminate Salt Lake County’s Unified Police Fee – The Restaurant Tax: The Story The Standard Examiner Failed – Grading Public Schools: Developing Actual Accountability – John Ward Named Chair of Board of Directors
November 2010 Newsletter – UTOPIA Cities Approve More Bonding; Taxpayer Questions Go Unanswered – My Corner: The Accountability of the Profit Motive – 2010 Election Results: Voters Approve Constitution Amendment A – Kearns Finds Recreation Solution Without Tax Hike – Taxpayers Association Files Suit Over Restaurant Tax – Forbes Magazine Named Utah “Best Business and Career Climate”
October 2010 Newsletter – Teed Off On Taxpayer Subsidized Golf Courses – My Corner: Who Should Appoint Jordan School District’s New Superintendent – Save Our Secret Ballot: Vote FOR Constitution Amendment A – Association Opposes Eagle Mountain and Provo Bonds, Remains Neutral on Kaysville and West Valley – Taxpayer Association Candidate Endorsements
September 2010 Newsletter – Association Tobacco Tax Predictions Coming True – My Corner: Recreating Florida’s Miracle in Utah – Save Our Secret Ballot: Protect Your Right To A Secret Ballot – Can Privatization Help Utah Balance The Budget? – Corroon Proposes Sales Tax Increase – Truth In Taxation Hearings: Government Pushing Their Pain on Taxpayers
August 2010 Newsletter – Federal Financial Reform Not The Answer – My Corner: Counties Should Not Try To Be Cities – SLC To Add Property Tax Hike On Top Of Already Higher Taxes – Sandy City to Use Bond Expiration to Permanently Raise Taxes – Is Your Local Government Raising Taxes? – Should Taxpayers Support $300 Million Geneva RDA? Yes to $150 Million – UTOPIA Should Follow iProvo: Sell To Highest Bidder
July 2010 Newsletter – No Revenues and No Transparency – My Corner: The Price of Liberty – Mayor Corroon Releases Economic Plan – June 2010 Bond Election Results: Kearns Rec Center Bond Fails – STOP UTOPIA Rally: Orem on July 13th – Union Organizer Training: Thanks, But No Thanks – Wellington City Facing 25% Budget Shortfall
June 2010 Newsletter – 2010 Taxes Now Conference: Economic Strength Through Federalism – My Corner: The Answer To Failing Schools – Questions and Answers: How To Evaluate a Bond Proposal – Governor Herbert Speaks at 2010 Utah Taxes Now Conference – Niederhauser, Liljenquist, Harrington Receive Taxpayer Awards – Congressman Bishop: States and Locals Can Do Better Than Feds – UTOPIA: We Just Need $60 Million More
May 2010 Newsletter – Happy Birthday UTOPIA – My Corner: Avoiding California’s Tax and Spending Mistakes – The 3rd Semester Program: How To Increase Teacher Pay by 50% with No Tax Increase – June vs. November Bond Elections: Double Voter Turnout in November – Utah Ranks First in Economic Outlook Index – Public Education: Paying Teachers for Success
April 2010 Newsletter – April 11th- Tax Freedom Day – My Corner: Restoring the Constitutional Restraints on Federal Power – Association Successful in 2010 Legislative Session – Is Salt Lake County Police Fee Legal? – Balancing the Jordan School District Budget Without Another Tax Increase – Taxpayers Association Releases 2010 Legislative Scorecard
March 2010 Newsletter – Utah’s 58th Legislative Session Enters Final Days – Taxpayers Association Legislative Watchlist – My Corner: The Folly of Elected Officials Wading Into the Market – Tobacco Tax Increase Is Wrong For Utah – Emergency Operations Center: Co-Location is Best Option – Walking the Walk: Congressional Fiscal Responsibility
February 2010 Newsletter – Utah’s 58th Legislative Session Begins – My Corner: Cut Spending to Balance Budget – Arizona Supreme Court Strikes Down RDA Corporate Welfare – Uintah Basic Medical Center: Unfair Private vs. Public Competition – Public Union Membership Outpaces Private Membership – Utah Supreme Court Adopts Rule Preventing Dual Appeals from Tax Commission Decisions – Flatter Tax Equals Tax Breaks for 97% of Utahns
January 2010 Newsletter – Property Tax Report Released – My Corner: UTOPIA Cities Ought to Cut Their Losses – Utah Business Climate: 10th Best in the Nation – Don’t Eliminate Utah’s Vendor Discount – A Tax By Any Other Name: SL County Public Safety Fee – Canyons School Board Should Reject Subsides for VF Factory Outlet Mall – Severance Tax On Coal: Bad Idea
2009 Newsletters
December 2009 Newsletter – Restaurant Tax: Broaden the Base, Lower the Rate – My Corner: No Time for New Taxes – UTOPIA “Lien-ing” On Brigham City Taxpayers – National Education Union: Largest Political Spender in Nation – Low Tax States Fairing Better In Economic Downturn – Jack Towsley Named Chair of Taxpayers Association Board of Directors – Taxpayers Association Reviews County Budgets
November 2009 Newsletter – Democratic Party Proposes Massive Tax on Utah Manufacturers – My Corner: Time for Sales Tax on Food – Problems with Municipal Inter-Fund Transfers – Draper Seeks Funds from Canyons School District for VF Factory Outlet – Governor Appoints New State Tax Commissioner – Healthcare Proposal to Cost Taxpayers $725 Billion – Jack A. Olson, Former Association President Passes
October 2009 Newsletter – Utah State and Local Tax and Fee Burdens Still High in 2007 – My Corner: Education Reform Collaboration – Hogle Zoo Bond: SL County Council Sells Taxpayers Out – SL County Council Chairman Attacks Taxpayers Association – Taxpayers Association Endorses Three Bond Proposals – Forbes Magazine: Utah Ranked 3rd Best State for Business
September 2009 Newsletter – Reduced Congestion Spells Tremendous Savings, Increased Economic Growth – My Corner: Gary Herbert Has What It Takes – Washington Watch: Congressman Jason Chaffetz – Utah Doesn’t Need Publicly Funded Hotels
August 2009 Newsletter – The Huntsman Record: 2005-2009 – My Corner: Money Matters in Public Education – Tax Notices in the Canyons and Jordan School Districts – Utah Doesn’t Need Publicly Funded Hotels
July 2009 Newsletter – Federal, State and Local Taxes on a Median Income Utah Family – My Corner: Iranian Style Elections in Utah? – Highlights from the Taxes Now Conference – The Cost Taxpayers Pay Because of UTOPIA – RDAs: Corporate Welfare Disguised as “Economic Development”
June 2009 Newsletter – Utah Retirement Systems Take a Hit – My Corner: Do Americans Understand Basic Economics? – Transparency Website Online – UTOPIA To Call On Member Cities’ Sales Tax Pledges – Wimmer, Hendrickson Receive Taxpayer Awards
May 2009 Newsletter – Are Charter Schools Overfunded vs. District Schools? – My Corner: It’s Tie for Locals to Control School Budgets – Taxpayers Association Legislative Scorecard Available Online – US 12th Grade NAEP Scores Flat Since Early 1970s Despite Increased Spending
April 2009 Newsletter – New Reports: Utah’s Business Climate Solid, But Still Has Nation’s 13th Highest Tax Burden – My Corner: Socialist Nation, Socialist State – Obama’s Budget Spends Too Much, Borrows Too Much, Taxes Too Much – 2009 Legislature Treats Taxpayers Well
March 2009 Newsletter – Supreme Court Upholds Paycheck Protection – My Corner: Stopping the Tax and Spend Lobby – Where Do Utah Public Schools Get Their Money? – Utah Legislature to Congress: No Card Check
February 2009 Newsletter – Do Businesses Get All The Tax Breaks? – My Corner: Budget, Taxes and the Recession – Utah K-12 Spending Per Student Surpasses $8000 in FY2008
January 2009 Newsletter – After Years of Record Growth, Huntsman Proposes Budget Cuts – My Corner: Federal Stimulus Package- The Other White Meat? – School Districts Must Be Financially Transparent – Proposal Protects Votes of Conscience from Bribery and Intimidation – Taxpayers Association Helps Resolve Tax Commission Lien Filing Problems – 2009 Board of Directors Elected – Taxpayers Association Pre-Legislative Conference- January 13
2008 Newsletters
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